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Celebrating 20 Years of AMARON Batteries

Teo Hin Tyres proudly joined the jubilant celebration hosted by Nam Wah Battery Co Pte Ltd, marking two decades of AMARON batteries' success in Singapore. Held at the elegant Kensington Ballroom of Serangoon Gardens Country Club, the event showcased AMARON's remarkable journey and unveiled an exciting addition: the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Car Battery.

AMARON Batteries
Photo credits to SG Car Mart

A Remarkable Milestone

Gathering with industry leaders and partners, the event celebrated AMARON's 20-year journey of growth and innovation in Singapore. The spotlight was on the new AMARON AGM Battery, a cutting-edge solution to meet modern vehicles' electrical demands, especially for Continental and European Car Owners.

Amaron award
Heartfelt appreciation for the award

A Dynamic Partnership

Teo Hin Tyres has been part of AMARON's journey, playing a vital role in introducing AMARON batteries to South East Asian markets. Over the years, AMARON batteries have gained the highest market share in Singapore's automotive battery industry.

Innovating for Tomorrow

As part of the 20th-anniversary celebrations, AMARON introduced the AMARON AGM Battery, designed to meet modern vehicle needs with exceptional power and maintenance-free operation.

With pride, Teo Hin Tyres continues to journey alongside AMARON, united in our commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence in the automotive industry.

Cheers to AMARON's success!


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