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Celebration at YHI Singapore's Dealer's Night

At Teo Hin Tyres, we value partnerships and industry camaraderie. It was an honor for us to be a part of the vibrant Dealer's Night hosted by YHI Singapore, the exclusive distributor of Yokohama tires in Singapore. Held at the elegant Parkroyal Hotel on Beach Road, this event marked an evening of not just recognition and excitement but also the privilege of being honored with the Excellence Award from YHI for both 2022 and 2023.

SG Car Mart
Photo credits to SG Car Mart

Celebrating Excellence in Dealership

The Dealer's Night was a tribute to workshops that have demonstrated unwavering support for YHI and their pivotal role in propelling Yokohama tire sales in Singapore. This acknowledgment underscores the strong relationships between dealers and distributors in driving the success of premium tire brands like Yokohama.

YHI Dealers' Award
We are honored to receive the YHI Dealers' Award, 2022/2023

Commendation and Vision by Mr. Takeshi Masatomo

Mr. Takeshi Masatomo, present at the event, expressed his sincere gratitude to attendees for their consistent support for Yokohama. He acknowledged the unique challenges faced by dealerships in Singapore, including a fixed vehicle population and escalating operational costs. Yet, amidst these challenges, he assured everyone of a promising road ahead. Yokohama has visionary plans for its Advan and Geolandar tyre lines, along with innovative tires designed specifically for all-electric vehicles.

Wealth of Opportunities and Rewards

Participating in YHI Singapore's Dealer's Night allowed us to witness the dedication and passion that drive the automotive industry forward. It's a testament to the collective commitment towards delivering excellence. As we continue our journey alongside YHI Singapore and Yokohama, we're inspired by the sense of community and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Here's to partnerships, innovation, and the road ahead!


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