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Car Alignment

for Japanese, European & Luxury Car Models

Wheels need to move in the same direction to prevent uneven tire wear. If your steering wheel no longer returns to the centre, its time for an alignment. Our advanced machinery precisely locates and adjusts each suspension angle  of your car's wheels, returning them to their top-notch conditions.

Like any machine, your car requires regular maintenance.  Here at Teo Hin Tyres, we guarantee you a scrupulous check-up for a safe & confident ride.

*Car Servicing is available in our Kaki Bukit Branch

Car Maintenance, Servicing & Repair

for oil filter, wiper, cooler water, engine oil and more!

Prolonged usage causes unavoidable wear and tear on your favourite rims - but no worries! At an affordable price, we can transform your sports rim back to its shiny gleam!

*depending on the extent of damage


Sportsrim Repair & Replacement

for sportsrim repair, polishing and respray

for expired & damaged car batteries

Do you need brand new batteries to power up your car? Head down to any of our stores to choose from a wide range of car batteries!​

Battery Replacement

for faulty aircon & refilling of aircon gas

Is your vehicle's aircon faulty?  Restore your getaway from Singapore's heat with our efficient aircon servicing - at an affordable price!

Car Aircon Servicing

for car breakdowns islandwide,
call +65 9672 2156 now!

Are your car tyres punctured, or is your car battery flat at an inconvenient time? Don't panic! Call David @+65 9672 2156 for a friendly and efficient service, no matter where you are in Singapore.

24 Hr Outservice

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